ARNO SECATEURS à Catriona McLean

Arno have been manufacturing forged steel cutting tools and secateurs in the Auvergne since 1927. Hard to find, this unique range is available worldwide from Catriona McLean.
Sécateur Forgé Monobloc 18cm   Sécateur Forgé 20cm   Sécateur Forgé 23cm   Sécateur Forgé Monobloc Cuir 18cm  
Sécateur Forgé Monobloc 18cm > Sécateur Forgé 20cm > Sécateur Forgé 23cm > Sécateur Forgé Monobloc Cuir 18cm > 
Sécateur Forgé Deluxe Cuir 20cm   Sécateur Forgé Deluxe Cuir 23cm   Scie pliante 41cm   Cisaille au gazon orientable 36cm  
Sécateur Forgé Deluxe Cuir 20cm > Sécateur Forgé Deluxe Cuir 23cm > Scie pliante 41cm > Cisaille au gazon orientable 36cm > 
Cisaille à haie 26cm   Affuteur  
Cisaille à haie 26cm > Affuteur > 

Arno Secateurs

Arno Secateurs

Arno secateurs and cutting tools from France

Arno is a small manufacturer in the Auvergne region of France who have been making cutting tools and secateurs since 1927. Their expertise in the design and manufacture of forged precision cutting tools is highly regarded by professional gardeners and the garden tool industry. These tools are in use throughout the vineyards & olive groves of France.
This comprehensive range gives a full choice of cutting tools for any important work in the garden, for professional and amateur gardener alike.
The tools are made of forged high-grade stainless steel and have been designed for maximum ergonomic comfort, as well as incorporating strength and durability in all the mechanical parts. These secateurs will give years and years of good solid use.
The blades on several of the designs have a unique design feature where the blades are grooved to improve the cut and lessen the strain on the hand and wrist.
There is a choice of PVC coated grip handles or the more luxurious leather grips. Both options are available in the two most useful lengths - 20cms and 23cms.



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