Delux Secateurs Leather 20cm

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Arno Delux Secateurs, leather grip, Interchangeable blades, 20 or 23 cms, leather grip.

Arno Delux secateurs are available in two length sizes 20cms and 23cms. The cutting blades and cushioned springs are identical on both sizes. The handles are covered with a quality leather wrap carefully stitched for strong grip and extra comfort. The blades and springs are all replaceable, should they wear out over time and hard use. The unique quality of these interchangeable Arno secateurs is that the blades are grooved for an even cleaner cut, and ease strain on the wrist and hand. The 20cms standard secateurs are ideal for ladies, whilst the slightly heavier and longer 23cms secateurs make ideal secateurs for men.
Delux Secateurs Leather 20cm REV 2370 20
l:200cm, 0.3kg

€ 63,00

All Arno secateurs use the bypass cutting action, where the blade bypasses the cutting block or anvil, ensuring a very clean and healthy cut on stems of up to approx 2.5 cms diameter.



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Arno secateurs
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